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Schrott-Recycling Hof Görlitz GmbH
Am Schützenhaus 13
02826 Görlitz

Scrap Acceptance and Scrap Processing

Recycling of Iron and Non-Ferrous Metals in Goerlitz and Zgorzelec

We accept the following types of scrap at our scrap metal depot in Goerlitz:

  • Ferrous metals
    sheet metal scrap, steel scrap, cast iron scrap
  • Non-ferrous metals
    copper, brass, aluminium , zinc, lead

Purchase, acceptance, processing and storage of ferrous and non-ferrous metals at current prices.

Immediate payment for scrap:

  • in cash
  • bankers cheque

» We are, of course, also prepared to collect your scrap.

Demolition Work

We undertake:

  • demolition of facilities and machinery
  • demolition and removal of tanks
  • plasma cutting
  • mobile excavator cutters